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10 Year Occupational Projectionsinformation about occupations across the state of WV or by WV Workforce Investment Area (the Mid-Ohio Valley is Area 4). 

2 Year Occupational Projections for the state of WV

View occupation information including estimated employment, mean, entry and experienced wages across the state, by Workforce Investment Area (the Mid-Ohio Valley is Area 4)

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See how occupations change throughout the state and the number of people employed in an occupation in a specific area

This map provides wage and employment information by occupation title for a Workforce Investment Area (or the whole state).

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mov performance & placement data

The Workforce Development Board Mid-Ohio Valley (WDB-MOV) is responsible for tracking performance of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs in the region. WIOA is a federally funded program through the Department of Labor and sends funds to the state (WV) who distributes funds to seven local regions in WV to provide WIOA services.  WIOA measures performance for all who receive services through Work Force WV which includes partnersUnemployment / Job Service, DRS and Adult education.

Data is published quarterly for the entire state.  As data is available for the Mid-Ohio Valley region it will be published for your review.

The following areas are measured:

  • Employment Rate 2nd Quarter after Exit (Education/Employment for youth)
  • Employment Rate 4th Quarter after Exit (Education/Employment for youth)
  • Median Earnings in the 2nd Quarter after Exit
  • Credential Attainment Rate
  • Measurable Skill Gains
  • Effectiveness in Serving Employers

Placement/performance information for the most recent program year


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