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CAREER CONNECTIONS is an employment and training program that focuses on developing academic, occupational and social skills for persons 16- 24 years of age. We believe in creating and exposing young people to opportunities that not only enrich the lives of the participants, but also of those around them.

We offer work experience, leadership skills, career exploration, work readiness workshops, occupational training, financial literacy, and more. 

If you are between the ages of 16-24 and are ready to find work, go back to school, or gain work experience, call Emily at 1(866) 420-4531 ext. 59640 to see if you are eligible for the Career Connections program.

A mentor spends time with a participant in the Career Connections Wood County mentor night program.

A mentor spends time with a participant in the Career Connections Wood County mentor night program.

Paid work experience

Can't find a job when everyone wants experience? We can help! We offer more than a job - we offer work experience that will help get you prepared for a career you love. 

Career Connections Paid Work Experience (PWE) is a career preparation program in which participants are placed at a work site to do real work for real pay and are held to the same standards as all regular employees. The program is designed to expose participants to careers and jobs, develop pre-employment and work maturity skills, build occupational and technical skills, and is structured to promote learning through paid work.

“Career Advantage has been a major help to me in becoming a successful young woman. It has helped me learn valuable life skills, such as budgeting, stress management and goal setting. It has helped me figure out what my education and career goals are. With the help of my case manager, I learned what I needed in order to apply and be accepted to college. This has been one of the biggest helps because I will be the first in my family to attend college. I can honestly say that I have been able to set and achieve many goals with the help of the Career Advantage program and its staff. I am excited to see what the future has in store for me as I begin a new chapter in my life. I am confident that I will continue to be able to achieve any goals I set by using the tools I have learned from being in the Career Advantage program.”
— Jasmin Sharp- Clay County ISY


Interested in furthering your education but not sure what to do first? Let us help.

We can assist with career exploration, job shadowing, college campus visits, and work experience to help you find the career that is right for you. As part of our program, you will work one on one with an experienced career specialist.

Gain valuable leadership experience, work in your local community, and volunteer with mentors to help prepare you for your future. 

“Before the Career Advantage Program, I was a mom without income and had no way to buy anything for my daughter. My friend and I had been talking about different options for myself and that is when he informed me about the Career Advantage program. I took his advice and went to the WorkForce WV office and applied for the program. Once I found out I was eligible for the program, I was beyond excited. I then attended “employment bootcamp,” which was a bit intimidating at first. But once I was there, I became comfortable and was ready to begin my subsidized employment. The Career Advantage program has opened many doors for me, and I believe that with hard work, determination, and the support and opportunities provided by the program, I will accomplish the goals I have set for myself.”
— Tayler Radabaugh- Jackson County OSY


Career Connections exposes participants to many different cultural activities, events and community service volunteer opportunities. These activities provide occasions for the participants to build leadership skills and foster civic pride in the participant. 

Career Connections Staff attend meetings and activities on a regular basis to maintain relationships within the community and recruit interested young adults to the Career Connections program.

Some of the activities they are involved in include: 

  • Back to School Bashes

  • Juvenile Probation

  • Youth Adolescent Council

  • MOV Transition Committee

  • Healthy Communities Coalition

  • Baby Pantry

  • Family Resource Networks

“Throughout my participation in the Career Advantage program, not only did I discover and achieve some goals as far as my work, but I was also able to apply for college. I will start a local welding program in August 2017. I was able to afford and secure my own apartment and shortly thereafter, my very first vehicle. Thanks to the Career Advantage program I was able to rebuild my life, and while I am far from my ideal lifestyle, I’ve made a fairly decent start for myself and my son. I owe so much to the Career Advantage program. It is hard to face where I may have ended up without the incredible support and guidance of my Case Manager. I feel that I have utilized every opportunity thus far and have come a long way. I have a home, my own car, raising a beautiful baby boy and looking at some amazing career options in my future. My experience with Career Advantage has most definitely been a success that will lay the groundwork for my future.”
— Brittany Burchard- Wood County OSY